I don’t agree with the suggestion by at all. I don’t wanna see multiaccounts or have multiaccounts affect gameplay but I agree, from a technical standpoint, there isn’t much you can do to stop them. Other than completely rework the system so multi-accounting is not profitable. I mean seriously, I don’t wanna have to join the neckbeards above me just to be able to compete in the game. It’s no fun when you have to play the game a certain way that doesn’t fit your play style. Yes, you would have to play that way or otherwise just constantly get killed in yellow/red zones and eventually leave since there is no feasible way to keep up except to play their way.

The way I see it, it really depends on how you devs want your game to be. If you want it to be an easily exploitable game by having multi-accounts or you just wanna be as profitable as possible, then allow multi-accounts. If you want your game to be enjoyable for regular players and not require the need to have multiple characters and have to balance that shit out every time you play, then make your systems not be affected by multi-accounts. Personally I put multi-accounts up with botting, same damn thing, you have a bot sitting some where doing shit for you while you play another Albion Online Power Leveling character, same shit. Doesn’t matter if you click the button yourself or have a program, still just a throw away character sitting there doing shit for you while you can do other stuff.

I hope to play this game with my family (GF and son) but if this is how it is decided to set the rules, I would wager we won’t even bother since the necessary playstyle is just not fun or immersive at all. Up to the devs but I don’t see the value in it at all other than the cash grab and prefer not to have a system that supports said gameplay.