Sandbox Interactive, the publisher of Albion online just held there most recent closed alpha test. During the month of September, eager players had a chance to dive in to the world of Albion. After reviewing extensive feedback from the testers the developer has released a new road map outlining all the additional content and featuring coming to Albion. Over the next six months, players can look forward to over 170 new additions and improvements. Some of the new additions and changes have been outlined below.

Abilities: We believe that the current weapon and armor abilities are largely placeholders and can be made much more exciting. We want to add things such as channeled spells, interruptible spells, shape-based AoE spells that you can avoid through movement, spells of which the strength depends on how many opponents are nearby or being hit, spells that charge up based on how much damage you take, shields that trigger a special effect when they break, etc.

“Soft” PvE Death: We noticed that new players – without a guild to back them up – give up very easily due to losing all of their gear inside of a safe zone. Therefore, we will introduce mobs that if they bring you to 0 HP will not kill you, but just knock you down. After a certain amount of time, you will be able to get up again without your gear dropping to the ground. Your gear will still take a durability hit, but it won’t be as hard as if you are killed. Those “softcore” mobs will mostly be inside of safe zones, so we might also have softcore mobs in PvP zones or “hardcore” mobs in PvE zones. We want to keep a flexible mindset here.
More Progression: In the last test, solo player experience was capped at tier 4. Tier 4 was quite easy to reach, so it was very easy to cap out in the destiny board and also on gear. We will therefore let the safe zone go up to tier 5 and also, as stated above, have significantly more item and progression options available.
For a complete list of all the coming features in Albion Online, check out the road post on the official forums